Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh, God. Let it go, dear heart.

So, I got burned last week. I took care of someone's kids. This someone kept showing up late, forgetting her kids clothes and food, not calling me to let me know where she was, not filling me in on their needs. Her kids were really struggling. I was feeding them from my own fridge, dealing with their accidents by loaning them my own child's clothes. I was honestly doing all of it for selfish reasons: I wanted to make a little extra money this Christmas season so I could get my husband a present.

That didn't happen.

She owed me over $300, and she skipped out. She took her kids, told me should would be back with my money, and never returned. She never answered my calls or texts. She ran.

I was pretty angry. I asked her to call me to discuss payment options. I was trying to be understanding, in case she couldn't afford it, so that we could work something out. But I was angry. I was tired and frustrated at her lack of care of her children, and her complete disregard for my feelings and my needs as her children's caretaker. I was angry because I felt that her ability to blow me off showed her real character, and I was angry at myself for not seeing it sooner. I was so, so angry.

I got advice that I should look into small claims court. I was told to contact other local babysitters and daycares and warn them. It was suggested that I should talk to a lawyer, fight back, stick it to her.

But I'm not going to.

She's a single mom. Her kid's dad lives far away. She doesn't seem to have the first clue as to how to care for her kids properly. She feeds them crap and wonders why they have stomach and head aches. She doesn't call them to check in. She has her own life to live. I was just a moment in her life, and now I'm gone again. I can only be proud of my care of her children. I made sure they were clean and warm, well-fed with food I prepared for them with my own two hands. I made sure their aches and pains were noticed, and told them that she loved them, despite how she treated them. I gave them a week of fun and laughter and constant attention. And I wish them the best. I really, really do.

Good luck, sad runaway mama. You need that money more than I do, I suppose. Luckily, I've got a wonderful, thoughtful, caring hubby who takes backrubs in exchange for absent gifts. I've got all I need.


  1. Visiting from Meg's link up at Mingle Monday. I'm so sorry this happened to you, you deserve to be paid for your handwork. You have an amazing perspective about the situation though and I'm sure those kids will remember you as a kind and loving babysitter for years to come.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I appreciate your words.