Friday, May 9, 2014

15 weeks

Well, its been a while, again. Meh. When you have my life, you seriously start to care very little about being a blogger super mom with perfect hair, and start to hope you can find clean pants on a daily basis. And mostly you don't, and have to wear yoga pants (which you never actually do yoga in) until you clean some pants, because you stupidly packed up all the other warm clothes you had for spring, and then it started snowing again, just for the hell of it. (Just a note: I love awesome run-on sentences. They rock.)

So here I am, in (seriously comfortable) yoga pants, stalling on laundry because damn it, kids go through so many pairs of clothes. And its PJ Day at school tomorrow, and Ella wants ALL of her PJ's cleaned because she needs choices. Well, tough. You get one pair cleaned today, because I am also washing my pants today. 

My son is also generating enough clothing to outfit a small country in underwear, because he is potty training, and he keeps saying, "In minute, mama!" when I ask him to go. He is perfectly capable of going by himself, but he thinks he has more important battles with his Lego guys, and so he stalls too long, and then comes to tell me he was wet his Ironman/Thor/Superman/Green Lantern/Spiderman/Batman underwear, and needs new ones. When he does actually get around to breaking up his epic battles and going to the bathroom, he usually falls off the stool and screams that he needs me to come pick him up and set him right again. Reminds me of that episode in The Office when Michael grills his foot in a George Foreman grill and falls off the toilet. I laugh so much around here. 

I have hit 15 weeks pregnant, which means the baby is the size of a Hass Avocado, only not as green. I have also gained a total of -2 lb. Yep. I've lost weight. I think it might be that I cant seem to consume dinner any more. Not my fault. It's just that dinner, unless consisting of incredibly fatty garlic mashed potatoes (a no-no in our house) is completely unappetizing. So I make them anyways. I also have taken to making enormous smoothies with handfuls of fruit, whole fat plain yogurt, and almond milk. (And also my prenatals dumped in, because I can't swallow pills at all right now.) It's the first time in my life when I have actively been trying to gain weight, and its a weird feeling. I eat all day long, and still feel like I have an empty pit in my stomach. Its a little defeating, actually. I wish I could feel full once in a while, preferably at 2 am when I really don't want to go down to the frigid kitchen and make a snack. 

In other developments, I now have a bladder the size of a thimble. It doesn't discriminate, it has to go all the damn time, day or night. I am also extremely thirsty and have a few Nalgenes floating around me at all times, which makes the bathroom the most visited place in my home. I really wish I had a more comfortable toilet. Why don't they design them with comfort in mind???

I am also the proud mama to 17 baby chicks that are living in my dining room. They need to be inside for a month or so, and they are adorable, poop a lot, and are trying to eat each other's toes off. Lots of indignant peeping going on all the damn time. I love them. I did lose 3 in the first 24 hrs, but that's a good loss rate, honestly. Two died in transit, and one just really wasn't doing well when they arrived, despite my best efforts.The rest look amazing. We have a few named: Peckles, Cocoa Puff, the Gabor sisters, and Sunshine. The rest are probably going to acquire names eventually, since my hubby (deep down) really loves chickens and will probably end up coddling them half to death. 

Anyways, life is chasing me down, telling me I have things to do. See ya!