Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things. All the things.

My baby is now 3 months old. She was diagnosed with a mild case of torticollis yesterday, and so I am working with her to s t r e t c h those neck muscles out. She is the Worlds Sweetest Baby, though, so its not hard. She smiles at everything.

I am tired. Not because of a lack of sleep. Maggie sleeps almost through the night, peaceful as a sleeping birdy. She doesn't cry at night at all. But I am working hard. I have so many things going on all around me, and its not always peaches and cream. Sometimes I just want to collapse every night, my body aching and tired. Whew.

Goat babies are coming soon. Baby bunnies are everywhere. The seedlings I planted have emerged victorious. Chicken catalogs are being analyzed for this year's batch. BABIES ARE EVERYWHERE. And they all need care. OMG, I am so swamped. And oh yeah, I have two kids. Thank God for having such a capable boy who does his thing. He goes out, digs a massive hole, climbs a tree, talks to the chickens, collects all the eggs, plays with the dogs, rolls in the dirt, splashes in a puddle, and then comes in, filthy as they come, and cleans up and crashes for a nap for a few hours, and then does it all over again. With no supervision. He just goes. He just does. He loves it. I love it. What a great childhood!

I've been doing yoga. It's good. No, its beautiful. My body is a bunch of twisted tendons, and I'm working through that. It hurts, and I love it.

My life needed quiet. So I left Facebook. I have been loving Instagram, for some wonderful friends that are far away, but thats it. I have been answering texts and calls if I feel like it. I have been doing what I needed to do. My agenda is important. I'm listening to that. Good stuff, there.

I may have broken my finger today, so I'm going to give it a rest tonight. This typing hurts. Muah, Universe.

Monday, February 2, 2015

HAHAHA. Oh right, I do have a blog.

A kindly person on Instagram reminded me today that I do in fact have a blog, and that it would be nice if I used it. I agree, nice person. I should use it. So, whats happened in the last 6 weeks?? Aw, fuck. Everything happened.

the year ended. thank god for that. fuck 2014.

my baby was NOT diagnosed with hip dysplasia. WHOOT.

i got through some rough patches with "i recently had a baby, life is hard and sometimes its easier to cry" moments.

my son decided to be a big boy, all at once. wow.

and so many other things.

Since I am taking off Facebook in February, chances are I will be writing a lot more here. Good stuff, I think.