I am a self-described Pantheist. I believe that everything in the universe is divine, and that we are all in a constant state of changing matter, thus constantly in touch with our Creator: the Universe Itself. I do not believe in a personal god, but an all-encompassing, balanced Universe. I also place a lot of strength behind the constant drive to learn more.

I was raised Catholic until I was 13, and have spent some time studying with Messianic Jewish communities, Baha'i groups, Episcopalians, Mormons, Atheists, Baptists, Pagans, Unitarians and more. I have never felt drawn to any particular group, but I do love Pantheism. They are the closest belief set I can find that resonates with my feelings about God.

My husband and I are raising our son with the belief that all religions and beliefs have value, and that it is important to be understanding of all people. We are determined to try to give him the ability to choose what he feels is right for his soul.

I love to discuss belief and faith with anyone, and would encourage you to contact me if you feel compelled to chat. I am very open to all sorts of conversation.

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