Friday, July 25, 2014

The whole bloody second trimester.

Hey. Its been the whole second trimester. I took advantage of more energy, less gagging, less miserable headcolds, etc, and got outside. I moved into a new house. I planted some flowers. I absorbed the sunshine. I loved on myself. And here I am on the threshold of the third trimester, and I dont want to leave. I cant believe its about to be August. I cant believe my baby is about to turn 3 in a month. I cant believe that fall is coming, and I'm going to have another baby, and all that. Its a whole lot of wishing to slow down the time. But such is life. I could try to list all of the wonderful things that have come with this summer, but instead, I'm just going to finish out this sunshine. I'm going to love this time. I'm going to be that glowing pregnant mama for a little while longer. And then WINTER IS COMING. Lol.