Sunday, March 2, 2014

A blueberry.

Since I am taking this pregnancy one day at a time, I will be celebrating mini achievements. Like this week: surviving week one of knowing I am pregnant, driving to  12+ hrs SLC and back, having Hubby and Son get sick and then infecting me with their head cold and having to survive that, and being super, super tired. So yay me, I survived this week! Sunday is my day to roll into the next pregnancy development week, so today, Baby Rowan is a blueberry. A tiny one. How cute. Now, if only the cuteness also came with NOT feeling like every smell is going to make me upchuck. The first trimester is such a joy.

Anyways, to make myself feel better, I read funny pregnancy things. Here are a few, for the rest of us that are incubating tiny things:

Six Stages of Pregnancy by Scary Mommy

The Only Pregnancy Calendar You Will Ever Need.-Alphamom

Everything on Pregnant Chicken

And this, because children's book do blow.-I like beer and babies.

See you all back here whenever I get the idea that my blog is missing my big ol' pregnant butt!

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