Thursday, April 3, 2014


Baby is 10 weeks today and the size of a kumquat. Between week 9 and 10, I managed to get a really bad head cold, so I have been a wreck, snot flowing freely. Allergies didn't go away either, so now the cold is over, but the snot continues, but I am feeling better. Meh. Other than a gross nose, I don't feel too bad, honestly. I have some food aversions, but not the kind I had last pregnancy. I can still eat peppers. I am craving tart fruits, and love dried mango right now. I'm struggling to get my prenatals down, and the hemp oil I take, thanks to their huge size, but I'm still managing.

Ella has been gone this week on spring break, which has left Leif feeling lonely. We have also been dealing with rain and snow, so we have been trapped in our cabin, which is tough for a little man.

I had another ultrasound this week, and got to see baby moving arms and legs, which was so fantastic. I may not feel particularly pregnant (more of a allergy snot ball) but it felt good to see that baby is doing great. We also did the whole blood work, urine testing, poking and prodding, etc. I am not cut out for being in a hospital. Leif isn't either, although he did get to help the phlebotomist draw Mama's blood, and he loved that. Maybe I'm crazy to bring my kiddo to my appointments, but he's my pal. I love to bring him.

I did get some funny look from the midwife when I told her that I didn't need HIV/STD testing, and I was turning down the PAP. I don't believe in testing that is pointless and will just charge my insurance and drive up the cost of health care. She was shocked, though. I don't think many people ask what tests will be administered, much less choose which ones they feel the need for. Meh. I love messing with health care personnel.

In Leif news, he is a little boy now. He is not a baby, and while it makes me a little sad, I am also glad he has become so independent. He has been going pee in the potty by himself, washing his own hands and now takes off his own pants and shoes and socks. Still working on the shirt! He is very opinionated, and not scared of telling random strangers what he thinks, in full and complex sentences. There isn't much he doesn't say anymore. He uses big words like delicious and handsome to describe things. He is working on "1000 Books before Kindergarten"and has passed level one, or 100 books. He is such a fantastic little guy to spend all of my time with, I adore him!

In other news, I ordered my chickens today! I ordered 2 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Auracana, 2 Barred Rocks, and (my fav) 4 Buff Crested Polish and 2 Golden Crested Polish. I adore Crested Polish chickens, they are so funny and beautiful. They will arrive April 29, so I have a bit of time, but I am so excited! Here is a pic of a buff Crested. Look at that fluff!!! AHHHH!

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  1. Here via Longest your little blog. Looks like a great view in CO. ;)