Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nathan Fillion Sex Dreams

Well, that's one of the most exciting post titles I've ever typed. Yay me.

So, this morning I woken by my glowingly clean hubby, steaming straight from the shower. I came down to breakfast, was handed a cup of coffee. We both stared at each other for a second. Bashfully.

me- "So, I had a weird dream."
him- "Me too. You first."
me-"I had a sex dream with Nathan Fillion."
him-"Wow. I had a sex dream too."
me- "With who??"
him-"Summer Glau."
me-"We seem to have a thing with Firefly."

Well, there it is. Hubby and I have fan girl/boy sex dreams. Bwahahahahaha. I guess it could be worse. I am eternally grateful it wasn't the cast of Saved by the Bell or something horribly 80's. Or cartoons! HAHA. Captain Malcolm Reynolds is fine in my book, so I'm cool. Also, Summer Glau is cool, too. Totally acceptable dream people.

Hubby and I were talking about it later, and we both realized that neither of us have a problem with it. I mean, sex is can be weird, but it doesn't have to be uncomfortable. It just is. Both of us were raised in sexually awkward religious beliefs, so we will always be battling all sorts of mental grief. I am determined to help raise my own kids without having them feel body shame, or shame at all, honestly. Sex is real, people. Why are so many people so fixated on making the masses feel shame for being alive?

I cannot express how damaging shame-based sex education can be. I will not go into my own experiences, but I will say that I may be dealing with my own issues for the rest of my life. I would love to help my own child grow up without shame focused on his sexuality. I'm not saying that I will throw self control, safety and personal protection out the window, but I will be showing my son what it means to have a healthy sexual relationship. That is not abnormal, or unattainable. It is very real, despite popular media, religious beliefs and backwards sex ed.

Oh, and I will let him know that having sex dreams about sci-fi celebrities is totally normal, too. We've all been there...I think. Maybe I'm the only one who has sex dreams about Nathan Fillion. Yikes.

:::Googles quickly:::

Never mind. The Internet is also dreaming of Nathan Fillion.

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