Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, Year 2014

I'm really looking forward to newness.

I'm looking forward to lots of things, actually. Here are a few:

Maybe I'll create a new baby. Wouldn't that be fun? They are so magical.
Maybe I'll save some money by cutting my husband's hair every 4 weeks. Haircuts are expensive!

Maybe I'll start to be artistic again. That would be wonderful. Here goes!
Maybe I'll go back to school. I have been thinking a lot about it.

Maybe I'll sleep less and read more. I think I have reached that age, when sleep is less necessary.
Maybe I spend more time outside in the sun...naked. That sounds healthy, I think.

Maybe I'll solid up some of my more voluptuous curves, the ones that make me a mama goddess. Or not. I'm not too worried. I am so creamy.
Maybe I'll wean my 2 yr old. Or maybe I'll let him do it. I haven't decided. No rush.

Maybe I'll write more, and smile more, and kiss more. Need a kiss?
Maybe I'll also commit to a few things as well.....

I will love better and more. I know that, solidly.
I will be a better mother.
I will remember that life is so short, and so beautiful. I will remember that the mayfly doesn't regret his short existence, he just simply loves and lives and dies.
I will continue to strive to be better each day, saying "Hello, Day One!" every single day.

Happy New Year, wonderful people. 

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