Friday, November 21, 2014

Week Three

Is it Week Three? What day is it? Friday? Wow. I had no idea.

I have puke in my hair. My teeth are insanely sensitive, a strange post-pregnancy side effect that I hate. I am very, very tired. Sleep is just not happening, even when I have time for sleep. Baby is growing amazingly well, milk production is leveling out, Leif and I are figuring out how to like each other again...but I am still catching up. The house is pretty clean, and I haven't had to rely on others for basic needs, but Adam has been picking up some of the slack, like dinner dishes. The laundry is sometimes sitting in a basket for a day or two, although it is getting folded immediately.

Some things need to be mentioned as enormous blessings: Leif chose to potty train, just because. We have had some accidents, but for the most part, cloth diapering got SO much easier! WOOHOO!

Baby is a great sleeper, and so far, she sleeps for hours, and eats a lot when she is awake. I adore her, she is such a little jewel.

Adam has been hugely supportive. I can tell he is watching me closely, looking for the baby blues. It's nice to know he is looking out for me. I feel guarded. I know I have had some days when I am super hormonal, but he can tell it's not more than that. But it's still nice to feel observed, especially when you need someone looking out for you.

While the weather has been super chilly, I haven't felt cabin fever yet. I have gotten out for little walks, but I have been focusing on being inside for now. I know that outside adventures will happen more closer to spring, so I'm content to be inside with tiny baby girly.

Anyways, this week is a harder one. It has it's ups and downs. But I am doing well, and I'm counting my blessings.

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