Friday, November 14, 2014

Week Two

Yesterday was my two week midwife checkup, as well as Maggie's two week pediatric visit. I had a 10:40 am appt for baby, and a 1:00 pm appt for myself. With a newborn. And a in-transition potty training three yr old. Which meant no naptime. By myself. With a total of 2 1/2 hrs of driving. So, yeah.... this happened:

-Left early so I would make it on time. SCORE.
-Made it on time, realized my car didn't like the teeny tiny parking lot, so I had a rough time getting kids out of the car because we were sandwiched.
-Got checked in at the pediatric office, asked Leif if he needed to go to the potty. He said no.
-Three minutes later, he poops and pees his pants, informing me right as they call us back for our appointment.
-I make him stand there while I get baby stripped down, weighed and measured. Then I wrap her in a blanket, herd him into the bathroom and silently curse the heavens.
-There is NO changing table. In a pediatric office. WHAT??
-Baby starts screaming. I'm crouched down with her on my lap, one-handedly changing an overall-wearing, angry crying boy. I just pitch his underwear, there is no saving them. I (thank GOD) remembered to put a rubber diaper cover over his underwear, so I saved the pants, socks and shoes from pure hell. I packed an extra pair of underwear, so I get that on him. I march him back to the check up room, get him dressed, and soothe baby. Realize I'm sweating bullets. Why is it 120 degrees in here??
-Doctor come in to tell me that baby needs another blood test, they tested her too early after birth, and the results came back weird. So she needs another heel prick. Ugh, my poor girl. We do that, and I resist the urge to punch the nurse who hurt my girl. She leaves, Doc tells me baby is wonderful and perfect, and is gaining weight perfectly. Her tongue tie has stretched naturally, and doesn't need to be messed with. Yay, I couldn't handle that anyways.
-We finally wrap up after nursing, burping, dressing, and assembling baby. This is such a workout.

Now I have to figure out what to do for an hour before my appointment. ???

-I end up going to a grocery store that has a Starbucks, and get Leif a teeny tiny hot chocolate and myself a tiny coffee. We both swig them, and now I'm 150 degrees. What's wrong with me??
-We get back in the car, because I realized just getting in and out of the car to get coffee takes 30 minutes. Jesus. Time suck.
-Head to my appointment on the other side of town. Curse traffic, realize that I live in a very tiny town with no traffic at all.
-Get to appointment early. Realize the office is closed because they are out to lunch. Ugh.
-Sit in the hallway outside, realizing Leif if now on a hot chocolate hyper rage. He morphs into a rabid hissing version of Spiderman, menacing every nurse and doctor that walks like 30 people. He starts to attract a crowd, nurses calling to each other down the hall: "Hey, have you see the 3 yr old out there!? He's hilarious!" *face palm* That's my kid. The crazy one.
-They finally open the office, we duck in just in time, before people start throwing money at him for his insane act.
-Leif decides he needs to pee in every toilet in the building.
-We argue. I lose.
-He goes pee.
-We finally make it into the appointment. I have to leave midway to let him pee, again.
-I get told I look great, everything seems good, and I should probably take it easy, because working too hard can make recovery harder. NO KIDDING.
-I make it to my car, only to have the gas light come on. REALLY??
-Get gas.
-Make it within 10 minutes of home, baby loses her mind and needs food NOW.
-Pull over, feed baby, burp baby, get baby back in seat. Burned 40 minutes on the side of the road.
-Finally get home. Decide that today was enough, turn on a movie. Give up on anything else happening for the day.
-Put in some laundry, because I just can't forget that.
-Veg out.

Sheesh. What a day! Telling you all that it's getting easier is futile. It is, but it doesn't feel like it on days like today. Determined to stay home for the next week. Get kiddo properly potty trained. Feed baby. Rest. Normal things normal people do only two weeks after having a baby.

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